2012, Weather, and the Paranoid.

There has been a lot of talk about 2012 that last few years and now even the USGS has gotten in their two cents worth on it. I completely understand that we need to be prepared of storms and the like, but this piece of video they created or had a hand in is just going to further exasperate the paranoia that is already going on!

The video I came across is titled “Stressed by storms?” http://bit.ly/eFa1c8. While the whole 2012 doom and gloom people out there have been been going on about this for years, it is time to tone down the speculation of all this. In the past there has been a lot of others that have predicted the “End of the World” based on this or that, and they weren’t any more right about it then than this is now. I have to say that some of the movies based on this whole concept have been ok. There were some that the special effects and some of the story line were actually quite good, but relevant to fact? No.

As of the time of this posting, there is a whole other group of people planning on the end of the world even sooner than that. It is supposed to happen May 21st of this year, 2011. I for one am not impressed with this fantasy, as I have seen this first hand once before and I really think its done just to drive people to the churches and try to gain a following. When it doesn’t happen, they will claim it was some miracle that we were spared! Just you watch! Rhetoric like that will be the first thing out of their mouths when that happens and the world doesn’t end just like it won’t end on Dec 2012.

Over all, depending where you live and what you have to deal with, the weather can be dangerous. Just be prepared for what you experience on a seasonal basis, but don’t let your paranoia keep you from enjoying life.

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