Sales, the workplace, and their bottom line stupidity

Recently, a man in Illinois was fired over a tie. No, you didn’t read that wrong.. A TIE! It didn’t have naked people on it, it didn’t have offensive words or depictions on it, it had a sports team logo on it! Since when in this country if you live in a particular state, is wearing a logo of a sports team grounds for removing someone from being employed?

Other than the piece of clothing that his boss was so worried about loosing customers over, the man was wearing it to honor his late grandmother. Who was harmed here, other than the guy that lost his job?

Not that it even matters as to why he wore it, but it shouldn’t matter. He was apparently, told five times to remove the tie & didn’t whech ended up in his termination. My question is, why should he have to? Is there a new law on the books that says that if the team your state endorses you must not wear clothing related to that of a team that just beat them? If this law exists, someone please, please, please show it to me!

I know there are many detractors out there that will say that what you wear to work can affect how your are perceived. Granted. That is a valid point. However, a tie with a sports logo on it? Had he worn one of the sports team that just lost, (I would guess it would be the team from IL) would that have been more acceptable? Had his boss said remove it because they didn’t want yo have any sports logos on it that would be a different story. Did his boss chastise anyone else for wearing the logos of the state sponsored teams here? Not as far as I can see. Had that been the situation, then the employer would be within their rights to terminate his employment or at the very least suspend or write them up. As this man was wearing a tie with a logo of another team on it, and was terminated for just that reason alone, I sincerely hopes he gets his job back soon! That is, if he still wants it. This whole situation is beyond idiocy. People… It’s sports. Not life! When it comes to sports, do us all a favor don’t take it seriously or just grow up!

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