I’ll help stop crime.. After I commit a few of my own…

If you live in most communities today as you walk down the streets you will come across signs that read “Neighborhood watch program” or something similar to this notion. In a whole, helping your neighbors and helping keep our communities safe is a lofty goal. Watching each others properties has helped keep crime of this nature down to some degree. However like all things there is always those that think that they are above the law. The former head of Dallas Crime Stoppers was indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud recently by the FBI. http://bit.ly/hMzAl3.

When someone takes and defrauds the basics of what is generally supposed to be a something positive for our communities it as a whole, it takes and puts all of these kinds of programs in serious doubt. These situations while rare, can undermine the very nature of the programs and put everyone at risk in the long run.

So what did this whole thing boil down to? Simple greed. Money is a powerful motivator today and while the economy is really hurting right now, it is improving and everyone is trying to squeeze a little bit more here and there from wherever they can. Most of us I would like to say are hard working honest people that are trying to do the right thing for not only themselves, but also for their communities.

While for many people doing the right thing is their only motivation, the “Crime Stoppres Tips” are generally rewarded with that one thing that motivates us all to some degree.. Cash. Thats what motivated Dallas Police Department Senior Corporal Theadora Ross and co-defendant Malva R. Delley in this case. It seems more and more often that police are stepping outside the bounds of the laws they are supposed to be sworn to uphold and becoming the legal thugs on the streets that who are not only armed, but now becoming more dangerous from the cop on the street all the way up to the top levels of the service. Is this true for all police officials? No, clearly not. One thing is becoming increasingly clear, we need to step back and start looking harder at these paid by our tax dollars services.

Yet this question remains, just who is watching the watchers?


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