Is bath salt is more dangerous than guns? In FL it is!

In the state of Florida, they recently put a ban on bath salts. BATH SALTS?? Has this become a problem Florida?
By simply owning or selling several particular bath salts is considered to be a felony and put in the same category as controlled substances.. You know them by a another simple term. DRUGS!

The last time I checked, taking a bath in bath salts did not making anyone high. However, apparently there are some people there that seem to think that because the salts don’t have instructions on how to use them, that their kids may overdose on them. Excuse me? If we banned everything that didn’t have instructions on them we wouldn’t have paper or anything else for that matter. Since when is the lack of instructions ever stopped anyone from doing anything? Are we as a culture becoming so impaired intellectually that we cant figure out how to use “bath salts”? I’ve never stopped to read the instructions on a box of bath sats before, but I think I can figure it out. Step one: Open box. Step two: Put salts into water Step three: Soak your body part or entire body in mixture. Wow! That was SOOO complicated!

To further illustrate this, here is an excerpt:

“Our kids can overdose on this. So what we want to have done, we want to have it made a schedule 1 drug and to put it in perspective, that’s right up there with cocaine and heroine. So parents please tell your kids this can be bought at the mall, at stores, this can be bought anywhere and no longer after today,” said Attorney General Pam Bondi.

“Our medical personnel feel they’re overdosing on it. There’s no instructions on it. There’s no directions on how to use it. It’s creating super human strength that takes 7 to 8 officers to deal with these individuals as under the influence of it,” said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

The only upside to this is this ban will expire in 90 days from the day it went in to effect. People, if you are afraid your kids are using bath salts as drugs, then you have WAY more issues to deal with other than just this.

And for the record, the last time I checked, guns took more lives than bath salts did with little or no instructions on them, so my question is this… Why haven’t they put an “emergency ban” on hand guns for the same reasons?

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