If you don’t like the water, you should try our rocket fuel

When you come across a news article that says that in 45 of 50 states the ground water has rocket fuel in it, you have to ask yourself one question.. Why was this even being allowed to happen? I know there is a lot of toxic materials out there already and industries out there have no way to dispose of it properly, but in our drinking water of all places?

What is wrong with these people anyway? Is the need for profit at the risk of another human life so important that they think that water which is one of our most precious resources that it can just be used to dump your waste in to it? These people and look at the planet which is mostly covered with water and think, we will never run out! Well hey dolt, most of that water is salt water or frozen and totally undrinkable and the process to desalinize it is very expensive. Or is this the plan? To make fresh water so scarce that we have to pay through the nose to have something to drink?

This administration is trying to at least cut down the amounts that allowed to be in it. Why is it hard for them to understand? Someone please tell me why! How about this for the amount of rocket fuel should be allowed in out water… ZERO! NONE! NADAD! Clean water to drink and use for our every day lives should be a basic right for EVERYONE. Not just the ultra rich who can afford the best filters to clean and purify their water for them or be able to buy it in gallon containers so they don’t have to drink what comes out of the tap like most of us already do.

If I wanted rocket fuel in my water, I would install a rocket in my car then I wouldn’t have to worry about the price of gas. But as we don’t have rockets in our cars, unlike “Buck Rodgers” we don’t need it in our water!

To put this in the most basic form I think even they can understand. Even a dog knows not to “go” where it eats and drinks. Why can’t they learn that as well?

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