First UnOfficial podcast is out!

In the late hours of Apr 08 2011 Eric and I Packard Sonic did our first beta podcast. Why is it a beta? Well its rough. Very rough! However we did have a lot of fun doing it and I will admit that I do tend to ramble on. I will work on that. I did have to do some editing on it, but it was very minor.  We are looking for someone to join us for tech stories or if you want to be interviewed for the show, please contact on twitter or via email packardpokesat at We can be contacted directly on twitter at the following names: Eric at @eluque1696 and myself Packard Sonic at one of two twitter names of @Packard_Sonic (Main) or my back up at @PackardSonic

Looking forward to making more in the future. Please feel free to leave any feedback of the show here. We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Eric and I dig ourselves into a rathole and never get out.

If you would like to take a listen you can download it here —> Packard Pokes at Podcast Beta

Show notes:

Links which cover some of the topics in April 15th’s 2011 show.

Tech News:

3D Debuts In The Operating Room


Ohio Union Bill Aimed At Reducing Bargaining Rights Passes State Senate

Number on government assistance climbing

Wisconsin unions furious with Governor Scott Walker

St. Martin to lose teachers

Pope charged with crimes against humanity in World Court

Twitter Shout Out:



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