First Official Podcast: Rat Hole Galore

While we worked out some bugs from the Beta podcast, but we still have a lot of growing to do to get it just right. For one the file size of this one will be much smaller than the Beta and I will also have a link for a Ogg file type as well. I want to thank everyone that gave me such good feedback on the Beta. I hope that this and future shows will get better and better from now on. Once we get our format down properly and we can remember to actually stay on topic the order of this will change to where it should be. Again thanks for listening!

Packard Sonic

Packard Pokes At 01: Rat Hole Galore Mp3
Packard Pokes At 01: Rat Hole Galore Ogg

Show notes:

Links which cover some of the topics in April 15th’s 2011 show.

Tech News:
“Google acquires music sync computer company PushLife”

Google Suspects hacking by china

US Postal Service

Random Tweet:
Follow this week’s random tweet commentary – @BionicDance

Gas Prices Climbing Towards 5$ Per Gallon

Ethanol generated from seaweed

We would also like to note that Hugo Chavez is not the president of Brazil, but of Venezuela.

Increased Life Expectancy Discourages Religious Participation

50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight

Story of the Tower of Babel

The Asteroid Apophis

General News:
Chicago School Bans Some Lunches Brought From Home,0,5869022.story

Paris Hilton Ready To Show Real Self In New TV Show

Funny Tweet:

Random Tweeter Shout Out:
Apologies for not getting to the Random Tweeter of the week. Thanks for listening to the show.

One thought on “First Official Podcast: Rat Hole Galore”

  1. This website is a great companion to the podcast! Everything is very well written & I love how you have a very international perspective and include the links that cover your topics. I am very much looking forward to your upcoming shows. Also love hearing your viewpoints & opinions on the various topics. Well done, my dear!

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