Packard Pokes At 03: Great White North

Tonights show features a special guest appearance by Dan Johnson who you can find as @RelUnrelated on Twitter.  Tonight along with the news of the past weeks events, we break down the validity of the 10 commandments in todays modern world. Is it really still necessary to keep this around? You will hear our take on it, but ultimately you will have to decide.
Packard Pokes At 03: Great White North MP3
Show notes:

Bob and Doug McKenzie: Great White North:

Tech News:

Apple, Google Collect User Data:

Carnivore Project (software):

Magic Lantern:
FBI Admits to using Magic Lantern:

Burner phone:

Federal Lawsuit Filed Over Apple’s Location Tracking in iOS:

Apple sued for “privacy invasion and computer fraud” over iPhone location tracking:

Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users:

Locationgate: Lawmakers summon Apple, Google for Senate judiciary hearing in May

In the U.S. your cellphone has been tracking you for nearly a decade; mandated by FCC in 2001:

Random Tweet:

Facebook Imbeciles Think Japan Tsunami Is Karmic Payback for Pearl Harbor:

Liquefaction video of Japan Tohoku-Oki Earthquake in Central Park – Water pouring from cracks”


US Gov’t Agency Plans $2.84 Billion Loan for Oil Refinery in Colombia:

French oil giant Total to buy majority stake in San Jose-based SunPower:

Bernanke: Fed Sees Slower Growth, Uptick in Inflation:


Wal-Mart Tests Online Grocery Delivery Service In California: Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc.


1st Commandment Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me”
Tackling the 10 Commandments:

Info about the Abraham Story:

Funny Tweet of the Week:

Random Twitter Shoutout of the Week:

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