Packard Pokes At 04: Eric’s Cylon Problem

Tonights show features our special guest appearance by Dan Johnson who you can find as @RelUnrelated on Twitter.  Tonight along with the news of the past weeks events, we break down the the second commandment of the 10 commandments and its relevancy in todays modern world. Is it really still necessary to keep this around? You will hear our take on it, but ultimately you will have to decide.

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Show Notes from May 6th 2011

Tech News:

Nielsen: U.S. TV ownership falls for first time in 20 years

How to connect a game console to a computer monitor:

The New iMacs:

Playstation Network Shutdown:

Flexible future: Forget the iPhone, here’s the smartphone made out of ‘paper’ that will shape with your pocket

Random Tweet: @actaneon & @jondresner


Bill Mahar envokes the wrath of Eric:

The Tea Party Movement:


Cindy Sheehan:

George W. Bush Resume:

President Barack Obama Accomplishments:

President Barack Obama Previous voting Record:

The bailouts worked:


Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan in Massachusetts:

Full retirement age Social Security:

Theodore Roosevelt’s Citizenship: Sorry no reference to this. Red herring? Nope! A correction for next week!

Donald Trump’s Racist Background Proven in Housing Discrimination Lawsuits:
Donald Trump Blames The Blacks For Obama’s Presidency:

General News:

Florida teens charged with making counterfeit money and spending it in school cafeteria:


National Day of Reason:

The Ten Commandments, Commandment #2:

Second Commandment “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”

The Real face of Jesus:

“Bring my enemies before me”

Did jesus Exist?:

The God Who Wasn’t There:

Funny Tweet: @_SheXy_

Twitter Shout Out: @CobraCommander

Dan @RelUnrelated juggling:
Interview: Everyone here at Packard Pokes At thanks (Amy Stuart Hale) @penndragonart for her interview. Her website is

Religious extremist Neal Horsley:

Church Makes Girl Apologize for Being Raped:

Remember to send us any questions on forumspring or send an email to us at packardpokesat @$&ver=standard


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