Packard Pokes At 09: The Apple Crashtackular

Put on your geek hats and have some fun this week as we deviated from our regular news show to cover the events that happened from and after the Apple WWDC in California. We will be back next week with our regular news show. Appearing on the episodes is Packard Sonic, Eric, Dan Johnson, and special guest from the old PC / Mac Smackdown podcast Michael Penney on Twitter you can find him as @mrypen. Apologies for the audio quality, as we had some minor technical difficulties. This should be corrected by showtime next week.

What a Tech Bonanza! Bring your iPhones, hula girls, and hard liquor!

Packard Pokes At 09: The Apple Crashtackular Mp3

Apple backs away: Subscriptions outside the App Store are now OK
Apple’s COO: Tim Cook

Apple Borrows iOS 5’s Wi-Fi Sync From Rejected App Submission:

Ten items Apple took from Microsoft :
Ten items Microsoft took from Apple:
Apple gets predatory: OS X Lion price may bite into Microsoft’s bottom line
Virtual Machines:

Apple sued by iCloud Communications over iCloud trademark

Apple’s iOS 5 devices now transmit Album/Track/Artist data to Bluetooth audio devices

Apple intigrates Twitter in ti iOS 5:–960999

Twitter stops 3rd party API development:

Kindle removes books from owners Kindles:

George Orwell 1984:

iTunes in the Cloud allows re-downloading of apps Apple removed from App Store:

Kindle eats homework:

Richard Dreyfuss and movie credits:

Bill Murray and movie credits:

Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA

Iran gets computers hacked:

Richard Dryfuss Twitter name:!/RichardDreyfus

Game Company Owns Your Soul:

Apple describes Amazon Appstore as ‘inferior’ and a security threat


Whistle Phone:

Version Tracker:

Cydia iPhone app store:

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