Packard Pokes At 14: Where in the World is Eric San Diego

On the show tonight appearing @Packard_Sonic, as your host, co-hosts Eric @ihavenothoughts and Dan Johnson @RelUnrelated. Eric Recently changed his Twitter name and explains why. So follow the new twitter name. The live show that starts at 9 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) or UTC (-5)  In the winter  months this will be at 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time) or UTC (-6). You can find the live show at sign up at so you can join in on the chat room. Registration is 100% free and you do not a need a web cam to listen in and chat with us.

Packard Pokes At 14: Where in he World is Eric San Diego Mp3

Tech News:

Bill Gates calls for reinvention of toilet:
Other countries have different toilet designs:

Fukushima officials plant sunflower seeds to remove radioacive materials from soil:
Space 1999:

Google adds malware warning to search results:

ComplainApp shames companies into helping their customers:


Claire McCaskill to pay back taxes on plane:
Newt Gingrich Speaker:
Dash cam video shows DUI arrest of Ohio Republican lawmaker:

General News:

Genetically modified tobacco plants to fight HIV?:
Abbie Smith ERV Science Blog: mistakenly advertises iPad for $69:
Sears Price match policy:
Study: Women bigger sexters than men:
Sex-linked lexical budgets
“Farscape” Meltdown (2001): Damn, Smokey. You can’t argue with a woman.
Philly to fine pedestrians for texting while walking:
Sagging pants law:


The Ten Commandments – Thou Shalt Not Covet:
Exodus 20:17
George Carlin on the Ten Commandments:
The Ten Commandments in the Qur’an:

Funny Tweet:

@SagDec15 RT @KatieeBelle23
South Park: You’re Getting Old:
Da Yoopers “Da 2-Holer Outhouse”



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