Packard Pokes At 24: Ballmer, Burnings, and Blasphemy

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It was actually republican President Gerald Ford along with President Carter that did not take contributions for president and used the raised zero money, none at all, in their contest against each other. What money they had came from public financing, with a $2 checkoff on the annual income tax return.

There were apparently some instances of Dead People Voting in Florida bun none in Chicago:

Tech News:

Microsoft employees reportedly walked out ‘in droves’ during Ballmer’s company meeting speech:
List of Apple CEOs:

Microsoft, Apple in the hot seat over anti-gay link:
Tim Cook:
Gay couples spend more:
Victoria Jackson bigot:
Michael Moriarty:

Scientists discover virus that kills all types of breast cancer ‘within seven days:
National Breast Cancer Awareness:
Christina Applegate’s double mastectomy:

Scientists successfully disarm HIV virus for development of possible vaccine:
The HIV Virus:
Why it’s so hard to find a cure to HIV:
History of AIDS:
Viruses, Vaccines, and Evolution of Influenza:


Texas Oil Refineries May Be Refunded $135 Million Out Of Public School, Community Funds:
Oil Corporation Profits an hour:
Lilly Tomlin:
How much do oil companies pay in taxes?
Google pays little taxes:
Electrolux moves to Mexico:
Consumption tax:

General News:

‘Til 2013 do us part? Mexico mulls 2-year marriage:
Divorce contracts in the Middle East:
Divorce process in the United States:

Irishman died of spontaneous human combustion:
Spontaneous Human Combustion:
South Park: Spontaneous Combustion:
South Park full episode:
Monty Python Flying Circus: Human combustion:
Gerald Butler:
300 (movie):

Morgue ready in case bodies come back to life:
Instanbul – The Four Lads:
Ripley’s Believe It or Not:
Left 4 Dead:
Saved By The Bell TV show:
Saved By The Bell:
Graveyard Shift:
Brazilian woman pronounced dead, only to be still alive:
How To Make Your Own Zombie Shotgun:


“Blasphemous” spelling mistake girl is expelled in Pakistan and her family is evicted:
Blasphemy Day 2011 (NSFW):

A Surprising New Study Shows Christians Are Having Premarital Sex and Abortions as much (or MORE) than NON-Christians:
Laws of Rape in the bible (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT):
Boy Scout’s manual against masturbation:
Myths about masturbation:

Child-raping priest blamed his 4-year-old victim in court:
Torchwood: Miracle Day:

Funny Tweet:



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