Packard Pokes At 42: More Bang for your Butt!

On the show tonight appearing @Packard_Sonic, as your host, co-hosts Eric @ihavenothoughts, Vonnie @Evolution_Child, and Medusa @Medusa_Rantz. The live show that starts at 9 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) or GMT (-5)  In the winter months this will be at 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time) or GMT (-6). You can find the live show at sign up at so you can join in on the chat room. Registration is 100% free and you do not a need a web cam to listen in and chat with us. Please feel free to hit the donate button and give what you can or what you feel the show is worth to you. Trying to get some new equipment to make the show better and eliminate hardware failures that have been disrupting the show. I would even be willing to take a older G5 or Intel Mac off your hands. If you wish to donate any hardware to the show contact @Packard_Sonic on twitter or packardpokeasat at

Download Packard Pokes At 42: More Bang for your Butt! MP3

Tech News:

3D printer produces new jaw for woman:

Study finds Twitter is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol:


Indiana election chief Charlie White found guilty of voter fraud, other charges; faces removal from office:

US appeals court strikes down California’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2-1 decision:

General News:

Big Boobs Blamed for Bad DUI Test Performance:

Bottle rocket shot from anus leads to lawsuit:


Pat Robertson says Christians should put faith before nationality, but Muslims who do that are threats to America:

Mo. teen gets life sentence, apologizes for murder:

Funny Tweet:



@PerturbSecular recommended by Vonnie @Evolution_Child

Replies To Last Week’s Question:

If you could legalize anything, what would would it be?

@wizardoftodd: I would legalize the use of thermonuclear weapons for personal fireworks displays.

@JoeUnseen: Living in New York I have to drive to Pennsylvania every spring and risk getting caught just so I can enjoy fireworks at home on the 4th of July. So if I could legalize anything I would legalize fireworks. They should of course be age restricted so minors cannot buy them. When I use home fireworks over the holidays, I use long reach lighters, safety glasses and thick work gloves.  So if they were legal around here, I think it would be great if the local fire departments offered fireworks safety classes.

Question of the week:

If you could hang out with a cartoon character who would it be?

Post your answer here on the site or on twitter to me @Packard_Sonic, Eric @IHaveNoThoughts, Dan @RelUnrelated, Vonnie @Evolution_Child, Medusa @Medusa_Rantz with the hash tag of #WWPPA

Remember to send us any questions on formspring or send an email to us at packardpokesat @$&ver=standard


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