Packard Pokes At 45: Doing the Vatican Rag

On the show tonight appearing @Packard_Sonic, as your host, co-hosts Eric @ihavenothoughts, Dan Johnson @RelUnrelated, Vonnie @Evolution_Child, and Medusa @Medusa_Rantz. The live show that starts at 9 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) or GMT (-5)  In the winter months this will be at 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time) or GMT (-6). You can find the live show at sign up at so you can join in on the chat room. Registration is 100% free and you do not a need a web cam to listen in and chat with us. Please feel free to hit the donate button and give what you can or what you feel the show is worth to you. Trying to get some new equipment to make the show better and eliminate hardware failures that have been disrupting the show. I would even be willing to take a older G5 or Intel Mac off your hands. If you wish to donate any hardware to the show contact @Packard_Sonic on twitter or packardpokeasat at

Download Packard Pokes At 45: Doing the Vatican Rag MP3

Tech News:

9/11 terrorist appears in ad on Facebook:

Women leading Facebook defriending trend:


Hank the cat running for Senate in Virginia:

Rick Santorum: JFK’s 1960 Speech Made Me Want to Throw Up:

Full video:

General News:

Rich people more unethical, likely to cheat and steal, study finds:

Mother raped own daughter for ‘sex education’:


Atheist student editorial pulled from Tenn. paper:

Vatican told to pay taxes as Italy tackles budget crisis:

Funny Tweet:



@Myrmecos recommended by Dan @RelUnrelated

Replies To Last Week’s Question:

@randomexcess: Imperial Cruiser

@chaosagent23: I’m gonna say Mazinger Z or Getter Robo.

@wizardoftodd: I would want the Lion Force Voltron as my ride so I could bitch-slap the car force voltron with it. Also, don’t tell me Voltron is not a vehicle as I have seen episodes where the Voltron Force rode in Voltron like a rocket.

@JoeUnseen: I would want the Delorean from Back to the Future. Sure you can’t just run down to the corner store and buy plutonium, but with the Mr. Fusion it will run on banana peels and half finished cans of cola! (Which certainly beats the price of gas these days.) And when that baby hits 88 miles per hour, your going to see some serious sh*t!

Question of the week:

If you were to name a country and rule it, what would it be called?

Post your answer here on the site or on twitter to me @Packard_Sonic, Eric @IHaveNoThoughts, Dan @RelUnrelated, Vonnie @Evolution_Child, Medusa @Medusa_Rantz with the hash tag of #WWPPA

Remember to send us any questions on formspring or send an email to us at packardpokesat @$&ver=standard

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