Packard Pokes At 78: Liars & Scientists & Scouts. Oh Why?

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Tech News:

Italian court sentences scientists to prison for failing to predict Earthquake:

Physics duo create tractor beam using dual Bessel beams:


GOP Senate candidate: Pregnancies from rape God’s will:

Paul Ryan tells Focus on the Family he will fight against gay rights:

General News:

Judge blocks Arizona law that bars funding to Planned Parenthood:

Disabled vet told to Go Occupy Wallstreet if he did not like the way he was treated:


Scouts Ban 11-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Believe In God

Discussion on Religion:

Ghosts; Truth or just Ghoulish Fiction

Funny Tweet:




From  Joe @JoeUnseen

Replies To Last Week’s Question:

If you drink 40s on a stoop with 3 historic people who would they be and what would you want to talk about?

@WizardOfTodd: *Long* The three people from history I would have drinking a 40 with me would be Alexander the Great, Hypatia (the last Librarian of the Library of Alexandria) and Bishop Cyril.

While drinking our 40, I would loudly ask Cyril why he would not only incite a crowd to kill Hypatia by flaying the flesh off her bones with conk shells but also have them destroy the greatest Library of antiquity.

Naturally, once Alexander hears what happened to his Library, he is going to be one pissed off dude and take the “good” Bishop Cyril “behind the wood shed” to punish the Bishop for his atrocities. This will cause Alexander to want to celebrate by drinking himself to death. (It’s what Macedonian Kings do.)

This will leave me all alone with Hypatia. Which is what we first wanted in the first place. (Wink, wink; nudge, nudge!)

Question of the week:

Is there a scary movie/TV show that used to freak you out? And does it still scare you?

Contributed by: Crystal @CrystalSaysSo

Post your answer here on the site, at youtube, or on twitter to me @Packard_Sonic, Joe @JoeUnseen, Crystal @CrystalSaysSo, or Wayne @RandomExcess with the hash tag of #WWPPA

Remember to send us any questions on formspring or send an email to us at packardpokesat @$&ver=standard

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