Packard Pokes At 79: Concrete Strippers From Space!

On the show tonight appearing @Packard_Sonic, as your host and co-hosts Joe @JoeUnseen, Wayne @RandomExcess, and Joining us from the Moography podcast Michael @michaeljburgess.  The live show that starts at 9 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) or GMT (-5)  In the winter months this will be at 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time) or GMT (-6). You can find the live show at Be sure to sign up at so you can join in on the chat room. Registration is 100% free and you do not a need a web cam to listen in and chat with us. Please feel free to hit the donate button and give what you can or what you feel the show is worth to you. Trying to get some new equipment to make the show better and eliminate hardware failures that have been disrupting the show. I would even be willing to take a older G5 or Intel Mac off your hands. If you wish to donate any hardware to the show contact @Packard_Sonic on twitter or packardpokeasat at

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Tech News:

Self-repairing bio-Concrete The Future is Closer than you think:

Can anyone in space hear you scream? Scientists try to find out:


EXCLUSIVE: Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers To Mislead Voters In Wisconsin:

Gingrich defends rape comments by Indiana Rep. Mourdock advises women to get over it:

General News:

Pennsylvania Man Sues Strip Club For Negligent Pole Dancing:

Anthropologists Think Apple Has Become A Religion!:


Atheist Students fight to beat “religious freedom” amendment which aims to give religions even more money:

Discussion on Religion:

The Bible and a FLAT world?!

Funny Tweet:




From: @RandomExcess

Replies To Last Week’s Question:

Is there a scary movie/TV show that used to freak you out? And does it still scare you?

@wizardoftodd: The movie that always freaks me out and will continue to do so until the day I die is “Batman and Robin”. It’s scary knowing there are film executives that are so sadistic that they will green light such a cluster-fuck!

To this very day, I dread watching trailers before a movie just in case I see the words: “Directed By Joel Schumacher”.

This is the last week for the Question Of The Week. We wish to say “Thank you” to everyone that contributed to this segment. Cheers!

Remember to send us any questions on formspring or send an email to us at packardpokesat @$&ver=standard

5 thoughts on “Packard Pokes At 79: Concrete Strippers From Space!”

  1. thanks for having me on and I hope I can be on again very soon also u said about a new segment I am intreaged to know what it is

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