PPAP S08E02: Hawking, Hell, And Haughty Priests

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Pope On A Rope:


Pope 11: Papa LEO Decimus

217th Pope: Served from 9 March 1513 – 1 Dec 1521 (8 years, 267 days)

Real name: Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici

At a lavish Good Friday banquet in the Vatican in 1514, and in the
company of “seven intimates” (Annales Ecclesiastici, Caesar Baronius,
Folio Antwerp, 1597, tome 14), Leo made an amazing announcement that the
Church has since tried hard to invalidate.

Raising a chalice of wine into the air, Pope Leo toasted: “How well we
know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us
and our predecessors.”

The earliest known source of this statement is actually a polemical work
by the Protestant John Bale, the anti-Catholic Acta Romanorum
Pontificum, which was first translated from Latin into English as The
Pageant of the Popes in 1574: “For on a time when a cardinall Bembus did
move a question out of the Gospell, the Pope gave him a very
contemptuous answer saying: All ages can testifie enough how profitable
that fable of Christe hath ben to us and our companie.” The Pope in this
case being Leo X. Later accounts of it exist, as recorded by Vatican
Librarian, Cardinal Baronius in the Annales Ecclesiastici (1597) a
12-volume history of the Church.

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